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What's your best advice for the starving artist?

We are creating an ebook: 1,000 Strategies for Starving Artists. If you are a writer/musician/artist, your ideas are valuable to others trying to make a living with their work. We want to create this book as a way of bringing a lot of artists together to help one another. 

Everyone whose idea is included in the ebook will be credited with the idea, and you can link readers to the website where you promote your own work. If you are trying to drive traffic to your blog, webpage, Facebook, or wherever you like to promote your own work, this is a quick, easy way to get some exposure.The purpose of this project is to get as much exposure as possible for all of us, so that none of us ever have to be starving artists.

DoctorMyDocument will send you a link to the completed ebook, and you can distribute it however you choose to promote your work and ours. This book is supposed to be full of creative, useful, ethical ideas that can help a “starving artist” make money, either online or in real life.

Submit a useful idea (below) to help artists make a living, and be listed among the contributors. You might even win a little prize.

**Your email address is safe with us. DoctorMyDocument is a close-knit virtual community managed by a small group of writers in the Boston area. We want you to affiliate with us and buy our products, so we would never violate your confidentiality or give your email address to spammers. :-)

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